Is silence really golden?

Is silence really golden?


“Silence is golden” is one of the oldest proverbs in English. It means, at times it is better to say nothing rather than talk. Silence can convey a lot more than words. Before arriving at this form, the proverb has undergone many changes. The former form was, “Speech is Silver, Silence is Golden.” Today, only the latter half is much more commonly used.

But is silence really golden? Or, is it golden only in certain circumstances? Let us discuss it below.

YES– Silence is golden

1. Prevents you from offending : Instead of speaking unpleasant things about others, it is always better not to judge and to remain quiet. Nobody has the right to portray a bad image of someone else in public. Arguments usually arise from not keeping quiet and invariably lead the parties to offend each other which can be very clearly seen in the Lok Sabha.

2. Powerful way of communication : Being silent can convey two things, either you stand by a decision or you are against it. It usually depends on the situation. For example, in our personal life silence is the best answer when we are hurt or ignored by someone.

3. Silence on facts: Many companies, when they get into a financial crisis, do not inform their employees about their unpaid debts, rather work on overcoming the troublesome condition. Informing the customers and the people about the crisis would create panic and would definitely bring the downfall of the company.

4. Non-verbal communication: In a nation like Japan the shopkeepers remain silent instead of shouting and attracting customers. They use expressions, actions and gestures to get their customers look at them and that looks sophisticated.

5. No non-sense: Regarding the Nirbhaya case in 2012, the most non-sensical comment was passed by Sant Shri Asharam Bapu. It is better to remain silent in such cases than to pass absurd comments.

6. Medical : It is said that talking increases our blood pressure as we may react to certain situations in a temper. But on the other hand, listening to others without any reaction decreases the blood pressure.

NO– Silence is not always golden

1. Trait of a coward : Remaining quiet is considered cowardice. When one does not raise one's voice for or against an issue, one is accused of compromising on one's principles for the fear of harmful consequences.

2. Speak the truth: It is better to speak the truth than to remain silent and let injustice continue.

3. Keep public informed: If your company is in an irrecoverable crisis, you should inform your clients and your employees about the situation. They depend on you and trust you. For example, in the Satyam scandal though the company fell into the hands of the corrupt, Ramalinga Raju (the chairman) confessed that the company accounts were manipulated much later.

4. Protest: Many people of the North-East fled from South India getting scared by the attacks. But a few people stayed back and fought for their community. Instead of running away, they should have fought for their rights.

5. No emotional attachment: Children make mistakes. Keeping quiet in such situations, will just encourage the kids to keep on repeating them. This is a place to talk to them about their activities.


Silence is golden but at times it also has its drawbacks. Being silent does not mean that you are dumb. Sometimes it conveys a lot of message in an easy manner. Our duty-sense also demands us to speak out in certain situations. At certain point of time, saying nothing is the best answer. But there are also situations where our one opinion can bring about a change in the social, political, cultural or economical sphere.
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  • RE: Is silence really golden? -Shirsendu Acharyya (08/10/18)
  • We all makes mistakes. But being silent after that makes us feel guilty, depressed and finally life sucks. We needs support, a friend to speak with, to say words like "I'm sorry " "son" "daughter" "mother" "father" and finally the most beautiful words "I love you". Most of us are blessed with both words and silent and we should make them in use as it conveys the condition of our mind and heart.
  • RE: Is silence really golden? -Rohit patil (07/16/16)
  • I think it mainly depends upon situation and our perspective towards the listener.
    if in some cases our view are not matches with other than it is good to remain silent rather than going against them.
  • RE: Is silence really golden? -Deepa Kaushik (12/29/14)
  • Silence is really golden. Silence is a very calm and modest way of communication. Speech many vary from person to person, or for that reason every living form has a different way of communication, but silence is common for everyone. Silence is a way of conversation and communication even for the disabled people with hearing or speech impairment.

    Tongue is the main enemy of man. it is our tongue which makes us speak and gets us into various types of controversies. Silence on the other hand always keeps us away from any sort of hassle. Silence makes us more efficient. A silent person needs to project himself by his quality work and efficiency. He cannot just over-shadow things by empty words.

    Again, silence makes us hear and listen to others. In present day, a lot many problems arise as we just try to put ourself ahead of others. And in our eagerness to overpower, we often fail to listen to others and their point of view. Even if we do try to hear, we don’t listen to other completely and try to give their half narrated concept a new shape as per our own thinking, which is not the correct way of communication and interpretation. Many serious concerns could be better resolved if people can have patience and hear to others silently.

    Though it is acceptable that only silence can be hazardous. We need to speak as and when required. Being silent doesn’t mean to be dumb. Silence means to maintain calm and harmony in our actions and reaction. Hence, it is very true to call silence as golden.