Is Sonia Gandhi’s 10-Point Attack Justified?

Is Sonia Gandhi’s 10-Point Attack Justified?

Congress President Sonia Gandhi in Parliament sharply attacked PM Narendra Modi and his government for a deliberate U-turn on their promise of good governance and transparency. Speaking in the Parliament, Mrs. Gandhi stated that opposition just wants to pass the bills in hurry. The ruling government is facing criticism for keeping key posts like that of CVC and the Chief Information Commissioner vacant. Is Sonia Gandhi’s 10-Point Attack Justified?


• Whenever BJP is asked about what they have accomplished in last eleven months, they try to avoid the matter by turning the finger on UPA rule of ten years. Blaming others cannot create long term gains.

• BJP ignored all important aspects linked to Land acquisition bill following which it was termed as anti-farmer bill. The question here is why farmers need to give away what they rightly deserve? They are already exploited section of society.

• The position of Chief Information Commissioner and also CVC is still vacant which indicates that transparency would again be ignored in politics world.

• It was extremely not fair for PM to highlight the internal problems on a foreign land. He did by stating “Scam India to Skill India” on his tour to Canada.

• BJP made several promises during election campaign like CBI autonomy, Lokpal bill, Janlok Pal bill and others. However, not a single promise has been fulfilled till this time.

• Fulfilling promises is a far away thing; the government in fact is trying to weaken the existing RTI system.


• A vacant post of Chief Information Commissioner doesn’t mean that system is not working. It is better to have a vacant post rather than appointing a wrong person.

• The RTI act, which opened the doors of for common man to raise their voice and ask a question, took over a year to implement after UPA came into power.

• The opposition party just wants to create differences within the BJP government by again and again saying that power is concentrated at PMO. It in fact is leading to unanimous decisions.

• The attack by opposition party is nothing more than Neta Politics, and it will be found in every government.

• The government has taken significant steps to improve the condition of ignored sections of society like introducing Jan Dhan Yojana and schemes to support girl child including Sukanya Samridhi Yojna.

• When it comes to foreign tours, the PM wants to increase exports and reduce imports, which will ultimately help the people.

• What the UPA did after creating RTI, nothing but got involved in numerous scams on cost of taxpayers’ money? Do we want history to repeat itself?


There is no second thought that UPA didn’t fare well while it was a ruling party. However, it doesn’t give BJP a right to repeat same mistakes as that of UPA. It is high time to make them remind what they promised during election campaign. The important positions like CVC, CIC and issues related to Lokpal bill needs utmost attention. These matters are much more important than foreign tours and should be seen at earliest.
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  • RE: Is Sonia Gandhi’s 10-Point Attack Justified? -Deepa Kaushik (06/05/15)
  • It is very easy to point out others' short-comings, but it is equally difficult to get those into action. But that definitely doesn't pave way to the BJP's excuse for not meeting their promises. Be that UPA or BJP or any other political party, they should primarily aim towards fulfilling their election manifesto.

    We cannot call the BJP's eleven months rule to be a complete failure just on the basis of their non-fulfilment of election manifesto within the promised time-span. They have taken some good appreciable steps towards the economic development of the country. BJP has definitely out-scored the UPA rule in terms of their step-wise measures.

    Still, on the counts of the done promises, BJP is lagging behind their deadline. They should have ideally focussed the internal concerns of the nation beforer heading for the world tour and adding o the economy. It's not only the empty vacancies of CVC and CIC, but there are many more alarming issues in the country that calls for an urgent attention. With a worse degraded law and order condition and corruption throughout the country, how far can we expect success through the foreign investments?

    BJP is working efficiently so far. Still they need to channelise their goal towards the internal issues and promises done during election campaign. Though we cannot fully support the notion to justify Sonia Gandhi's 10-point attack, yet we need to accept the fact for having the lacuna in BJP's rule in lagging behind their promises and deadlines.