Is The ‘Mauka Mauka’ Spoof Ad In True Spirit Of Game?

Is The ‘Mauka Mauka’ Spoof Ad In True Spirit Of Game?

The 'Mauka' advertisement has made its impact everywhere whether it is in India or in other countries. Following the ad, even other teams are now trying to make their own version of it. The Pakistani spoof was introduced one month back and now the audience has the Bangladeshi one. The Bangladeshi video imitates the original ‘Mauka’ advertisement. In it the protagonist is an Indian fan. The turn of events and the way these spoof ads are coming, it is important to discuss, “Is The ‘Mauka Mauka’ Spoof Ad In True Spirit Of Game?”


- The advertisement highlights a true Pakistani supporter who wants his country to win a game for which he is waiting from a decade. It of course reflects the passion of an individual in a true spirit for his country.

- It is said everything is fair in love and war, and whenever it is about India and Pakistan, the contest will be fierce. The spoof is well designed with a concept of celebration once the game has been over.

- The advertisement highlights the spirit of never say die attitude. The protagonist has a strong belief in his team potential.

- The spoof ad prompted Team India to register a win against South Africa Team in world cup. And, of course Team India took the challenge and won the game.

- The ad also revealed another part of game lovers and that is madness which makes the game more exciting and thrilling. It involves each country and that the real charm of the game.


- The ad kills the true spirit of the game as it also highlights hatred and jealousy among the players of different countries. Defeat and win is a part of the game and it should be accepted at the end of day.

- The ad heats up the old controversy between India and Pakistan, where things never seem to be on quiet side. Such sort of ads adds fuel to existing rivalry.

- The original ad is followed by a series of ads where other teams are involved, and still Pakistani team is not left out. It doesn’t reflect good picture and create a gap between Indian and other teams.

- The ad will influence many people directly or indirectly on basis of nationality. The fight between Indian followers and Pakistan fans after the match is an example.

- The difference between a stupid and genius is that genius people know where to stop. The spoof started well with genius mind set but now seems to be crossing limits.


The 'Mauka' advertisement highlights the key challenges for the teams in the world cup. All the advertisements are designed based on the past results. Undoubtedly, it poses a challenge to both the teams involved in the advertisement but at the same time turns the game into a fierce battle. The ad has fetched attention of even people who don’t watch world cup. It has definitely played its part. However, the only concern is it should not go beyond the limits and hurt people’s sentiments of any of the country.
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  • RE: Is The ‘Mauka Mauka’ Spoof Ad In True Spirit Of Game? -Deepak bittan (03/22/15)
  • we can't say that ' Mauka Mauka’ Spoof Ad In True Spirit Of Game or not. everyone has different opinion on this but this ad is helpful to encourage players for playing best cricket if it is not pass its limit.
  • RE: Is The ‘Mauka Mauka’ Spoof Ad In True Spirit Of Game? -avinash verma (03/20/15)
  • i think 'mauka mauka' ad has no side affect in our society. It's all about promotion of cricket.
  • RE: Is The ‘Mauka Mauka’ Spoof Ad In True Spirit Of Game? -Deepa Kaushik (03/19/15)
  • The advertisement is focussed to promote the game and not to propagate the spirit of the game. The ‘Mauka Mauka’ is well created as an advertisement, but it depends on the viewers as to how they perceive the far as entertainment is concerned, the ad is very well presented. It denotes the actual emotions and the expectations of the cricket fans from their dear players. but, the same cannot be expected in the sportsmen spirit.

    If we want to perceive things from the spirit of the game, then this ad is altogether unacceptable. Every game has to be played with true sportsmanship, where the victory and failure are measured on same lines. This game principle allows the players to play their game with a free state of mind and deliver their full potential. Once this spirit is interrupted by pride, fear, anxiety or any other emotions, then the potential of the players gets disturbed considerably. The expectations being the main enemy for the players, gets them under severe pressure.

    The advertisement is not the one for the players , but for entertaining the common man, the fans binding all their expectations and emotions. We cannot expect any advertisement to be made in the spirit of the game. Hence, the ‘Mauka mauka’ spoof ad is also not in the true spirit of the game.