It is cool to be bald!

It is cool to be bald!

Baldness, some people consider it as a matter of shame while there are others though in minority who intentionally shaves their head to get the bald look. They consider it as their personalized fashion statement and are not embarrassed of carrying it. Even celebrities are the part of the group who believes that it is cool to be bald. Express your opinions on the matter. Is it cool to be bald?


• There is no need to take care of hair early in the morning. The tidiness starts with the day and carries on throughout the day.

• Bruce Willis, Kelly Slater, Cal Ripken Jr., Seal, Patrick Stewart etc. are the names of few famous person who are bald and are still cool and famous.

• Baldness is cool as it provides the attitude and confidence to the people where they are least worried about their looks and carry the attitude of "take it or leave it."

• Baldness makes people notice you and your other notable qualities that make you stand out of the crowd.

• There is no need to waste money on haircuts, hair oil, hair shampoos, conditioners and other hair accessories.


• Being bald in India has a negative and sad meaning. It signifies that a member of family is now no more.

• Many times baldness is not a choice but a compulsion resulting from diseases or treatment of diseases.

• Being bald is cool only when you are famous, rich or a celebrity. However, it is opposite for common man.

• When partners notice hair problems leading to baldness, they prefer to just walk away from each other.

• Baldness is the sign of growing up and it never brings a positive feeling when you know you are getting old.


It is not wrong to say that physical appearance matters. However, it is not even right to say that only physical appearance matters. Baldness falls in the same category. Some people find it as a brownie point while some dislike it completely. In any case, one should always remember that coolness comes from the way you carry yourself in all the situations. The attitude, behavior and confidence can make any appearance look cool.
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  • RE: It is cool to be bald! -Deepa Kaushik (09/22/14)
  • Baldness is just an external appearance. Be it the appearance of the face, body or hair, it completely depends on the individual and their preference and priorities in their life. There are people who live for themselves and few others who live to please their dear ones and the society where they live. The individual who feels comfortable with their baldness can very well carry on with the trend.

    The external appearance carries importance only on the first instance. What actually impress or depress others is their thoughts, their values and the way they implement their notions into the practical living. This is nothing but the internal make of the individual which portrays their mind, emotions and intellect. The bald look can have its impact on the others with whom we don’t have a close circle with. So, their interpretation and thinking hardly matters.

    Baldness as a style is a brilliant outlook to portray. Rather than feeling awkward regarding our own personality, if we carry the same with dignity and confidence in front of the world, nothing can be as rewarding and smart to live life with ease and comfort. If normal people start with the baldness as a style, it wouldn’t be an odd feeling for the diseased people who have got hair loss in the due course.

    Again, baldness as a symbol of negativity to indicate the demise of a family member is the perception of the individuals who form the society. If many people start baldness as a style, then the symbolization will vanish ultimately. Baldness is a form of hair style or re-organizing our external appearance as per our wish, ease and comfort. Nothing is more important that self-comfort to boost up our self-confidence. Hence, it is definitely cool to be bald for those who feel comfortable with the same.