ITTIAM Model Aptitude placement paper

ITTIAM Model Aptitude placement paper

1. Ashish will get a reward if he solves: If 4 of a no + 2/3 of another no =3/8 of sum then what will be their ratio?

Ans: 3:7

2. In a km race, Isha beats Nisha by 28 meters or 9 seconds (time), then how much time did Isha take to finish the race

Ans 4 min 20 sec
3. Neha is given a problem in which a 5 digit number is appended with 7 at the units place and multiplied by 5. The result she gets is similar to initial no with 7 on the left most digit (most significant digit). So what is the 3rd digit in the initial number

* 5

Ans e=5, b=8, c=2

4. If in a science question, 1 mark is for correct answer, what could be the negative mark for nullifying the correct answers



5. If the series goes as OTTFFSS?N, what is the ?


Ans: E

6. If you are given an equilateral triangle and its circumcircle, find the probability that a line drawn inside this circle is longer than the side of the equilateral triangle

Ans =1/3

7. If in the series abcdefghij

a=no of zeros in the no
b= no of ones in the no
c= no of twos
so on

find the sum of digits

d. None of these

Ans 10

number is 6210001000

8. A women traveling to an airport at a speed of 5 km/h misses the flight by 7 minutes and if she travels at a speed of 6 km/h, she reaches the airport 5 minutes early. How far should she travel to catch the flight?

Ans 6 km

9. If a shopkeeper has weights 1, 3,9,27 how many different weights can he weigh?

Ans 40

10. Two riders Isha and Nisha cover a certain distance. Isha reaches to the destination one hour before Nisha. Even if Nisha had given a start of 5 km, she would have reached 10 minutes late. Find the speed of Nisha.

Ans 6km/hr
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