ITTIAM model technical placement paper

ITTIAM model technical placement paper

1. If you are given a C program like this

Unsigned short int i, j=1;
for (i=0,i<10,i++)

Tell how many times is Ittiam printed.

Ans It is printed 5 times.

2. Go through the function conv() given below

conv(int t)
int u;
u=5/9 * (t-32);

You need to tell What is returned

(a) 15 (b) 0 (c) 16.1 (d) 29

3. f=100 khz fs=125khz

Tell O/p of filter with cutoff 150khzs

4. What does the following function print?

func(int i)
if(i%2)return 0;
else return 1;
int =3;


(a) 3 (b) 1 (c) 0 (d) 2

5. Tell the use of stack in a processor:

a. it is used as function call
b. it is used for unlimted function call
c. used as a local variable

7. SER=10∧-4 the BER of a QPSK

a =SER
b <=SER
c >=SER
d =SER/2

Ans >=SER

8. What will an ideal LPF will be:

a. it will be causal
b. it will be non causal
c. it will be non stable
d. none

Ans: non causal.

9. y(t)=y(t-1)+0.1x(n) is ------- type of filter. Fill in the blank.

10. What will be the equivalent pointer expression for referring the same element a[i][j][k][l] ?

a[i] == *(a+i)
a[i][j] == *(*(a+i)+j)
a[i][j][k] == *(*(*(a+i)+j)+k)
a[i][j][k][l] == *(*(*(*(a+i)+j)+k)+l)

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