Jan Aushadi scheme - Successes and Limitations

Jan Aushadi scheme - Successes and Limitations

Question - Policies are only as effective as their implementation. Discuss the Jan Aushadi scheme in the context of its successes and limitations.

Benefits of Jan Aushadhi Scheme

• High quality medicine available throughout the country

• Coverage of generic medicines to reduce cost per person as far as treatment is concerned

• Quality medicines available for the nation through CPSU supplies and GMP complaint manufacturers associated with the private sector

• Process of developing a model to be replicated not only in the nation, but also other less developed nations

• Applicable and extendable to public as well as private healthcare sector

• Awareness about medication through education and publicity associated with reasonable prices medicines and a healthier lifestyle

• Public program involving state as well as central governments and public as well as private sectors a focus of this scheme

• Create demand for generic medicines and improve access to better healthcare

• Promote awareness about cost effective drugs and prescription

• Generic medicines are available through PPP at affordable prices

• Better training of doctors

• Substantial savings in health care are there for poor patients through this scheme

• State/NPO.NGO/charitable organisations and government bodies to establish Jan Aushadhi stores in government hospital premises


• Jan Aushadhi scheme has 178 stores of which only 98 are operational

• Excessive reliance on state government support

• Inadequate supply chain management

• Lack of prescription of generic medications

• Health policies of Central/State governments through free supply of drugs

• Inability to generate awareness for better healthcare and cost efficient drugs

Facts and Stats

About Jan Aushadhi

• As part of the Jan Aushadhi scheme, stores will be opened in different districts of the nation in phases

• States have been identified for commencing Jan Aushadhi stores in the preliminary phase along with nodal organisations for coordination of activities here

• Jan Aushadhi stores also have instructions/guidelines for doctors in government hospitals to prescribe generic medications

About Bureau of Pharma PSUs of India

• BPPI or Bureau of Pharma PSUs of India has been established in the month of December 2008

• This comprises all pharma CPSUs as per the Department of Pharmaceuticals

• The BPPI coordinates marketing of generic drugs through the Jan Aushadhi stores and implementation of the latter scheme
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