Janata Parivar - Born out of Modi's fear?

Janata Parivar - Born out of Modi's fear?

The six constituents of the former party are once again set to come together and form a single socialist party. The six parties that will form an alliance are Samajwadi Janata Party, Indian National Lok Dal, Janata Dal, Rashtriya Janata Dal, Janata Dal and SP. Mulayam Singh Yadav of Samajwadi Party is assigned the responsibility to figure out the modalities in this direction. As per the political parties, it is their fight against the government which has failed to keep its promises, while some believe that the move is borne out of a 'fear of Narendra Modi.' Let us discuss, is it the fear Of PM Narendra Modi that has resulted in formation of Janata Parivar?


• The work done in first 100 days of NDA government is good enough for the people to continue their support and love towards PM Narendra Modi.

• PM Narendra Modi is not only gaining attention from the local citizens but is also gaining appreciation from Diaspora.

• The six parties that are forming an alliance are the rejected parties by people who don’t have any other option but to come together to deal with the new government.

• In the first 100 days macro factors have improved, bilateral ties are in focus, GDP deflator has improved, business confidence is back in market and many other improvements are there on other fronts. It is making the small parties wary about their positions in their respective areas.

• The new party in making just wants to use the black money issue to put pressure on NDA government and harm its reputation in voter’s eyes.


• The new group is formed not out of Modi’s fear but to defend the principles of secularism and socialism in India.

• NDA government overstated and increased the expectations of people on black money matter. The party failed to keep its promise and therefore, is liable to answer the questions of everyone.

• The needs have to be delivered, and moreover one single party cannot be allowed to function as it wants. It had to be challenged so as to make them remember their electoral promises.

• The country always needs a second alternative which can be represented as democratic opposition. The new party is formed to fulfill same motive.

• The elections are already over and there are no reasons for the other small parties to fear about, and therefore calling the alliance as merger against Modi will be unjustified.


There is no doubt in the fact that PM Narendra Modi has made a special place in the heart of voters. However, one should not forget that the political parties tend to forget their goals and promises once they win in the elections. Competition in politics is good for country, and therefore the forming of alliance can be better termed as a move to fulfill the socialist objectives. It is not driven out of fear. Moreover, it should be encouraged as in democracy the absence of democratic oppositions can be fatal for the country and its citizens.
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  • RE: Janata Parivar - Born out of Modi's fear? -Deepa Kaushik (12/09/14)
  • Janata Parivar, a unique combination which was far above anyone’s guess has given a new turn in the politics. This unique move to stand up against the BJP has clearly shown the fear factor prevailing amongst the political parties. The BJP Government alias the Modi Government has added to their already prevailing charm.

    This unique combo factor of the political parties should have been united far earlier if there was no fear factor. If at all these parties feel the necessity to get united now, just to oppose one single party, then definitely they consider BJP standing alone as a large unit to be faced individually.

    BJP has undoubtedly done a wonderful work in their 100 days Governance. People who are already crazy for their PM Modi have become great fans and blind followers of him. With this charisma of Modi, BJP has definitely attracted a good volume of vote bank across the country. Formation of Janata Parivar is nothing but a live example of the success of the Modi Government. No doubt, Janata Parivar is born out of Modi’s fear.