Jindal Steel Placement - Technical Questions from previous years

Jindal Steel Placement - Technical Questions from previous years

Some of the questions asked in the technical section of the written exam in last few years are:

• The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 kg of water through 1 degree Celsius is called _______________ specific heat at constant pressure.

• Value engineering is used for ____________________

• How many numbers of components are there in VLSI?

• What is thyristor?

• State the difference between Triac and SCR.

• Explain what is a µcontroller?

• Which technique is used for optimization in OR?

• Resistance is inversely proportional to

• 3 phase 4 wire system is used in which distribution?

• Which transform is used in complex domain?

• Which power plant is environment friendly?

• How much memory is addressed by 12 address lines?

• Which non – impulsive pump is used most commonly?

• How many octane numbers do you require for the ignition quality of petrol engine fuel?

• Which quality of steel is widely used for railway track – high carbon?

• What is the relationship between poissions ratio and young modulus?

• In what will be the Geneva mechanism used?

• Define what is gear ratio?

• What is sheer stress on principle plane is called?

• For what is Biot number used, is it solids or liquids?

• When the speed of engine fluctuates continuously above and below the mean speed, the governor is said

• What is the source of energy?

• Which hydraulic units’ working is based on Pascal’s law?

• State true of false for the below mentioned statement.

The flow is said to be turbulent when Re>4000

• Where is the India’s largest power plant located?

• What reduces the calculation of centrifugal pump?

• When is the precession released in resistant welding?

• What happens in a glass of water in which ice cubes is floating and the ice cubes melt?

• Amongst annealing or casing, in which of the following cases unsteady heat flow occurs.

• What are material having same elastic property in all directions called as?

• What do you mean by equivalent evaporation?

• On combustion, what does chemical fuel release?

• What should be the constant value of universal gas?

• State the below mentioned statement as true or false.

Absolute pressure= gauge pressure + atmospheric pressure
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