Job description of a Prosthetist and Orthotist

What is the job description of a Prosthetist & Orthotist?

Prosthetists professionals are specialized in designing and making of artificial limbs whereas Orthotists professionals are specialized in fitting of artificial limbs or surgical supports. Both of these professions are similar in nature and an individual may be both a prosthetist and an orthotist.

What are the working conditions?

Prosthetists and Orthotists generally work in workshops in private practice or in employment/practice in big hospitals or health care clinics. The working environment is well lit, air-conditioned and good though they machinery and equipment which they use can be bit noisy and can cause injury in rare cases.

13. What are the career prospects?

For a fresh P&O profession it may be a bit challenging career in public and private rehabilitation centres. He/she can go for the own practice also. Also according to the qualification and experience a professional may get a job of Technologists, P&O assistant, consultant, technicians etc.

What is the remuneration?

A fresh Prosthetist and Orthotist can get a basic pay of Rs 10000-12000 plus other allowance per month. However, the salary increases with the experience. Those who have higher qualification with experience can get earn Rs 20000 to 30000 per month.
Also, those who are in teaching in India will be paid according to the UGC norms.

What are the pros and cons?


- There is personal satisfaction form helping others
- Reasonable salary
- Variety of work setting like manufacturing labs, hospitals, colleges
- No conflicts if case one is working alone
- If in practice you are your own boss


- Machinery and equipment used can be harmful sometimes
- It can be a solitary work
- Can be stressful as one has to work alone

Other related careers?

Following are some related careers:

- Orthotic Fitter
- Dental Laboratory Technicians
- Health specialties teachers
- Medical Appliances technicians
- Optical Mechanic
- Biological Technicians
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