Job opportunities for a linguist.

Are there good job opportunities for a linguist?

- Language always had and has leaps and bounds of jobs. However the jobs just after graduation are scarce as it is a research domain. It is wise to go for masters and doctorate in
linguistics. You can work in Natural Language Processing, phonetics, computational linguistics in reputable companies such as Google and Facebook.

- You can also work as a foreign language teacher in many countries and in many bilingual set ups. Further in Academia, you can be a school teacher or a professor in a University.

Research positions in various universities are definitely right up at your alley. You can also work as a Research Associate in a research firm or can work with Language commission or
Language Planning Commission of the country.

- A linguist can become a Language Anthropologist and can analyse and examine the way language play a chief and the prior role in development of the cultures and societies around the world and vice versa.

- There are different disciplines of linguistics. One can also work as a forensic linguist and can practise law enforcement and intelligence and analyze language to learn about the speakers and their psychology. Apart from this, there is a branch of linguistics, known as Medical Linguistics, where a linguist helps medical professionals in reaching out people of different language and helping them in comprehending the problems of the patients.

- You can work as a proof reader for various publication houses and also an Editor or Editorial Assistant, with Dictionary compilers.

- A linguist can also enter in the Health Sector and can become a speech therapist.

- Some organizations also hire linguists for Marketing and Marketing Researches, so as to understand people by the language they speak and reach the very core of their prospects. You can also work in Public Relations. Language is the only means by which every living being connect with each other. A degree in language will always have plenty of jobs at its dispose.
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