Job opportunities for chemical engineers in manufacturing and production areas

What are the job opportunities for chemical engineers working in manufacturing and production areas?

There are various roles and opportunities for students to choose from and they are as follows:

1. Process engineer- they are the engineers that work on existing processes running in current industries. They are involved in maintaining the production and troubleshooting the problems that comes in industrial work. They are also providing support to problems related to production and find out ways to increase the production rates.

2. Design engineers- they are very essential for any industry, as they figure out the exact requirement of the work and design processes. They work on different productions at a time and either design the whole new process or work on an existing process to find out the solution of an industrial problem. Design engineers need to be very careful when designing the industrial requirement as it needs to be safe, profitable and environment friendly.

3. Research engineer- they are the ones behind any new technology and innovation that happens in industry. They invent new products and processes which get distributed between
different teams.
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