Job options and remuneration in Home Science

What are the job options in Home Science?

• Production industry - It covers food preservation, dress-making, specialized cooking, textile designing, fashion designing and dress manufacturing, or work in production units of the food industry and hotels.

• Tourism & Service Industry- They can find jobs in hotel and hospitality management services. Job opportunities exist in various hotels, tourist resorts, etc. as catering agents. They can also be employed as dieticians in hospitals, maternity homes, slimming centres and even boarding schools.

• Research & teaching jobs - Major careers available are as food scientists, research associates, teachers and professors. Candidates with master’s degree can opt for teaching positions or research positions. Home science post graduates can take up teaching assignments in senior secondary schools and home science colleges.

• Sales - Sales promotion jobs of food products, baby foods, ready to cook foodstuffs and garments are open to Home Science graduates.

• Technical - There are a number of technical jobs comprising food analysts, food scientists, research assistants, demonstrators etc.

What is the remuneration that I can expect in the field of Home Science?

• At the onset you can expect a salary in the range of Rs10000-12000 per month.

• After gradually gaining experience you can increase your income.

• Jobs related to research, teaching, etc. are well paying.
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