Job profile and earning potential of Biophysics professionals

What are the works of a Biophysics professional are?

Biophysicists study the biological system at various levels. At broader level they study how organisms develop, including the development of how they see, hear, think, taste and feel. They study the working of our immune system, our body movements, bone structure etc.

At single cell level they study the movements, functioning and response of the body cells. They also study the DNA structure and functioning of the organisms.

They are especially interested in the physics and physical chemistry of the biological processes and for this they extensively use quantitative measurements and analysis.

The research works done by them are the basis for manufacturing of medicines and drugs and have a broad impact on them as well as on Biotechnology.

What is the pay packet a Biophysics professional can expect to earn?

Being a highly professional and skilled field the amount that a professional earns in this career is also high. Pay scale however varies according to the skill level and years of experience that the professional gains in this field. At the entry level the professionals can start their salary with Rs. 15000/- to Rs. 20000/-. For PhD graduates and research scholars earning is on a higher scale.

Universities who appoint the aspirants in research work also provides allowances along with lucrative pay.
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