Job profile in tea industry

What is the kind of work that I can expect to do in Tea industry?

The first and foremost thing that you should know about tea industry is that there are a variety of jobs that you can specialise into. The job options are interesting as this field is not
opted by many. The main aspect of work in the tea industry includes plant-work, processing, auctioning, branding, marketing and research. Now going into the nitty-gritty of the all the
process that occur in tea industry we could start with plantation work: it involves nurturing tea plants in the plantations which includes preparing the soil, applying the appropriate
fertilizers, choosing the right variety best suited for the prevailing conditions and supervising the pinching and plucking of the leaves. Processing work involves the crushing, tearing and
curling of the leaves, which takes place in the factories.

The ready material is packed and dispatched to auction centres, where the various samples of tea are testes, blended and branded by the tea tasters. Tea brokers, who have a
background in planting, tasting and have sufficient knowledge of market trends, auction the tea. The marketing personnel then market the final product. The most important phase in any
industry is the tea tasting as it is considered to be the ultimate test for determining the quality of tea. Also, the work in tea industry depends on the varieties of the tea as each variety is
handled differently. But in most of the cases the steps and the work remains the same.
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