Job profile of a Genetic Engineer and their earning potential

What all things does a Genetic Engineer do?

Below given are some of the tasks that a genetic engineer has to do as daily chores:
1. Laboratory work usually with malleable throwaway tools, measured sterility and temperature, DNA parting and transmission systems, DNA exploration etc.
2. Conserving entities to be used for the genetic engineering which includes patients, floras and faunas, along with microorganisms
3. Dreaming up, designing, executing and interpreting experiments.
4. Taking care of lab, hazardous viruses and radiological health & well-being necessities.
5. Devising new techniques and applications.

How much salary can a fresh genetic engineer expect?

It generally depends upon the education, experience and expertise in the particular field. On an average the initial salary for a fresh Genetic Engineer could be 20k - 25k per month.

Generally with MNC or offshore corporates the moderate package for scientific research or development services comes around $75k, with other benefits like paid holidays or vacations, life and health insurance along with pension plans

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