Job profile of a Jewellery designer

As a jewellery designer what all work am I expected to do?

As a jewellery designer you are not restricted to create designer jewellery from raw materials there’s a lot more to this field than just designing. The entire process of making of jewellery involves Casting and moulding of raw material in different shapes and sizes, Identification and testing of gem stones, polishing, finishing, and taking measurements with precision and so on.

So there are various tasks that you may have to perform, some of them are-designing, manufacturing of raw materials, you might also have to make strategies for marketing of the products or can be involved in the retail sector of the company.

Other areas tasks that you are expected to do are managing and supervising everyday reports, implementing cost- effective methodologies in order to cut down the expenditure also these days’ jewellery designers work as trainers in various colleges and institutes and in research and development too.
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