Job profile of environmental engineering

I am interested in the job profile of environmental engineering and I am very curious to know about their work?

Environmental engineers design systems by using the principles of engineering that involves science, biology and chemistry. They derive the solutions of environmental problems by using the study of these three sciences. They work in the following areas:

- Preparing reports on the environmental issues
- Reviewing those reports and trying to find out the solution of the issues if any
- Updating time to time those reports to review the overall impact of the solutions performed on the environment.
- Designing of the products that will help to solve environmental issues or protecting environment without having further damage.
- Bringing innovation in the field of water reclamation facilities, air pollution control systems, and operations that convert waste to energy
- Obtaining the plans, permits and operating procedures from various resources, updating them as well as, managing them at the same time for further processing and plans.
- Providing technical support for environmental protection and doing analysis for quality control checks.
- Monitoring the environmental changes and facilitating with the solutions to solve environmental issues.
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