Job prospects and earning potential in Museology

What are the job prospects in Museology?

• There is great need of these professionals as there has been a high awareness level about heritage.
• In India, there are more than 1000 Museums offering wide employment, starting from Central Government Museums to the District level ones and from Trust Museums to private ones.
• The different varieties of careers available are:

- Museum director,
- curator,
- educator,
- exhibit designer,
- archivist
- conservation specialist

• The work of a museologist is generally in the government sector at both state and national level.
• Many museums are also opening at the private sectors hence can create more opportunities.
• You can enter the government sector through a UPSC or SSC exam.
• If you want to do a research you can take up a SLET or NET exam.
• You can also find a job as a curator in museums.
• A curator can go ahead and become a Director with experience.
• Those of you in art, art history, history, education, educational administration, and public relations are very likely to find the museum field rewarding.
• Librarians, historians, and archivists looking for new careers will also find the field challenging, research being such an important aspect of museology.

What is the remuneration that I can expect from this field?

• The initial pay package may not be very high especially in the government sector.
• However the private sector may give considerably good package when compared to the government sector companies.
• The basic starting salary is between Rs.15, 000 to Rs.30, 000.
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