Job prospects and earning potential of a creative writer.

What are the job prospects in writing as a career?

Today there is a need of writer in every industry. Not only in India but also overseas the industry of writing growing. There are many companies from abroad which have started outsourcing their content requirement to organizations and individuals in India.

As a students who is interested in pursuing a career in this field you can work with newspapers, periodicals or magazines.
There are good opportunities to work from online or on contract basic is also available for a creative writer.

What is remuneration of a creative writer?

The remuneration in this field varies with type of creative writing. However, initially a creative writer can earn a payment of Rs 8000/- to 10000/- per month, which may vary according to the type and size of organization you are working with. Once you become excellent with your writing skills pay scale may increase.

On the other hand, working as a freelancer is a good option since you are paid for every word. Reputed publishing houses hire creative writers to write books, articles etc and they paid according to the contract which may range in five figures. Also the authors rare entitled for royalty once their books are sold. Thus, there is no limit for recognized writers in this field.
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