Job prospects and options in field of Surveying

What are the job prospects in Surveying?

• There is huge demand for freshers in this field with the advent of commercialization.

• You can get jobs in construction companies, mining and oil extraction companies.

• You can also work with various transport companies.

• You can also work in the planning of urban areas.

• In the public sector, they can find employment in Geological survey of India, Indian Forest Service, National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) etc.

What are the various job options in this field?

• Hydrographic Surveys

• Cadastral or Boundary Survey

• Construction or Building & Quantity Survey

• Topographic survey

• Geodesy

• GIS analysts

• Photogrammetrist / Remote Sensing Analyst

• Forensic Surveyor / Expert Witness

• Valuation Survey
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