Job prospects as a Sommelier

What are my Job prospects as a Sommelier?

-Sommeliers with a good amount of experience in the profession can become wine consultants to various importers and liquor companies.
-You can also help improve the quality of wines by tying up with winemakers.
-You can also start your own company, if you have that entrepreneurial streak in you.
-You can also organise various wine tasting tours to the vineyards in India
-You can also write various articles for lifestyle or food magazines.
-Globally job prospects are higher, such as you can get one in cruise liners, wine bars, inflight services, etc.
-By gaining experience you can also manage the sales and purchase of wines and work with different restaurants.

Sommelier jobs are found in:

-Fine dining restaurants
-Wine distributing companies/wholesalers
-Wine tasting rooms
-Wine retailers
-Hotels and resorts
-Cruise ships
-Teaching establishments

What are the prospects of Wine Tasting in India?

-This is the best time to take up this profession in India.
-Earlier in India, hotels did not have sommeliers on board, wines were just a part of their menu with nobody to recommend the guests what drink to choose.
-But gradually the demand for a drink from guests has increased, and they want to taste their favourite wines, hence a sommelier has become a necessity.
-To do well in this profession, especially in India, you should be properly trained and also certified, because the major demand for sommeliers is from top notch hotels.
-To gain experience attend various wine tasting events, and then train yourself with leading hotels or wine companies.
-Every Indian wine company wants to apply people who know and understand wine.
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