Job prospects for Chemical Engineers

What are the Job opportunities chemical engineer possesses?

There are lots of job opportunities and career options for chemical engineers as most of the people get into manufacturing field and their work varies from petroleum to food processing.
There are various kinds of work that needs to be done in this field, like environment control, waste management, power production, and chemical processes that require hard work and

o Chemical engineers can also specialize in chemical processes, like oxidation of polymerization or processes related to plastic or rubber. They can have career opportunities in designing processes and methods for equipment designing and hiring, manufacturing processes, supervising production, etc.

o They have career opportunities in the sector of operations or manufacturing or research and development, designing and construction, chemical processing and teaching. They can also manage to become project managers managing chemical processes of industries. Pharmaceuticals companies are the best to provide ample opportunities to chemical engineers as they are trained to solve environmental issues like waste or water treatment related issues, recycling issues, energy conservation issues, etc.

o They can also have opportunities in development of aircrafts or food processing or coal preparation and mining, mineral processing, fertilizer industries.
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