Job prospects for Environmental Scientists and list of potential employers.

What are the job prospects in the field of environmental sciences?

Employment opportunities are very much in this industry. As the change in climate and the problems associated with it like pollution of air, water and soil are increasing; the awareness among the public about the preservation and protection of environment has also increased. And this is what the main job of an environment science professional is, i.e. to use the existing ways and to find the new ones to conserve and improve the natural resources of the environment. Through various industry positions and by working with different sectors they can apply the systems approach to the analysis of various problems related to the environment. As the public at large and the governments in general are concerned for the preservation of environmental balance and eco-systems, therefore the demand of environment science professionals has increased in both public and private sectors.

Which are the government, non-government and private organizations where an environment science professional can apply for a job?

Various government departments and agencies including forest and environment, pollution control boards, urban planning, water resources, agriculture etc. employs graduates from environment science field.

Environment scientists can also apply job in international agencies, industries, MNC’s, research institutes etc. they work with food processing and waste treatment industries, refineries, distilleries, fertilizer industry, mines and textile mills and deals with solid, toxic and biological waste management.

Those who have inclination towards academics and have good teaching and writing skills can work as lecturers and professors in universities or colleges or can write journal and articles on environmental issues.

Environment scientists can also work with NGO’s for environment protection and to work on the issues related to environment conservation and management.
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