Job Prospects for me in hotel management

What are the Job Prospects for me in hotel management? What is the pay package that I can expect?

-There is a vast opportunity and prospect when the economy is doing well.
-More than 2.40 million people are currently working in hotels, catering and allied industry in India and we can expect the number to increase as there are a lot of hotels coming up both in

urban and semi-rural areas.
-A Trained hotel management professional would be ahead than an untrained graduate as hotels do not willingly invest in training of recruits rather prefer trained ones.
-Remuneration in hotel management industry varies depending upon a set of factors like

* the hotel management institute the candidate passed out from,

- work experience,
- skills
- Ability to handle tough situations.

-A person coming from a good hotel management institute such as IHM receives a starting salary of Rs20, 000 or more.
-Candidates with a diploma or a certification program can get salaries starting from Rs8, 000 to 10, 000 .
-The salary package depends a lot on the size and shape of the employment company.
-Large hotel chains offer attractive compensation and also provide other perks.
-For example, Hilton hotel chain, Ramada hotel chain, Hyatt hotel chain, La Quinta hotel chain, Marriott hotel chain, Radisson hotel chain, Days Inn hotel chain, Best Western hotel chain,

etc. offer attractive career options for hotel management graduates from good hotel management institutes.
-Hotel management graduates working in hotels abroad get minimum salary in the range of US$ 6000 to 7000.
-Many hotels in the USA provide high paying part-time jobs at various positions.
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