Job prospects for Medical Statisticians out of India

I have done my B.Sc. in Statistics and want to work as a medical statistician in a foreign country. What are the job prospects in abroad?

Firstly, you must know that you are at a disadvantage applying in this field with only a B.Sc. degree, as graduates with a post-graduate degree have an upper hand. M.Sc. in medical statistics will give you a competitive advantage while going for a job. As a medical statistician you can be placed in medical schools, public sector and international organisations such as the NHS, Health Protection Agency and World Health Organisation. You will be placed in either of these above organisations but getting a job won’t be easy if you are only a graduate. But if you are a M.Sc. degree holder then you are in great demand in abroad as the companies expect the employee to obtain a M.Sc. degree. Therefore, most of the industries do recruitment at degree level but they push their employees to do M.Sc. by part time study or distance learning and may sometimes sponsor the course. Some of the M.Sc. courses are extension courses, which are especially designed for graduates who are interested in specialising in a particular field. And others are conversion courses that help graduates to gain entry to the profession that they are looking for. The most demanding person is the one with a PhD as they are often required in universities in teaching and research roles.

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