Job prospects in environmental engineering

I would like to know various job prospects in environmental engineering?

Environmental engineering is a growing field in India for people who like to take up as their career and for professional who is having good amount of experience in the same field. The study required to pursue environmental engineering are chemical, biological, thermal, radioactive and mechanical engineering. Environmental engineering is a diverse field and it requires people from background of process engineering, environmental chemistry, water and sewage treatment, waste reduction management, and pollution prevention. There is going to be huge demand in terms of professional career in the market for people in environmental engineering.

People who are having keen interest in research centers, NGOs and governmental departments will have a green development initiative where they will be monitoring the environment closely and making changes according to the solutions provided for the issues raised. People having post graduation degree in environmental engineering are more likely to have job opportunities wit government to build committees to analyze environment, make report on the issues and getting on the approvals on the solutions related to the environment.
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