Job prospects in Environmental Sciences

What are my job prospects in this field?

• This field provides abundant as well as varied career opportunities with ever increasing issues related to environment.

• A great demand for professionals is there as need for protection of environment rises.

• You can work with different government departments and agencies like
o forest and environment,
o pollution control boards,
o urban planning,
o water resources
o agriculture

• There is huge prospect in fields like,
o food processing industries,
o fertilizer plants,
o waste treatment industries,
o refineries,
o distilleries,
o mines
o textile mills

• You can also seek opportunities in international agencies, national governments, industries, MNCs, research institutes etc.

• Other options include employment in
o media as environment journalists,
o lecturers in universities or colleges
o With the NGO's (non-governmental organization) working for environmental protection.
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