Job prospects in Geography

What are my job prospects in Geography?

• You can be employed as forest managers or in agricultural sectors or as demographers and other research facilities.

• Government agencies employ geographers for mapping and intelligence purposes.

• You can also join NGO’s engaged in population studies and rural development.

• Those with Master’s or a Phd degree can choose the field of teaching.

• You can also choose a career in travel and tourism.

• Some of the companies which employ geographers are:
- Map publishers
- Travel agencies
- Manufacturing firms
- Real estate developers
- Insurance
- Communication
- Transportation companies

• Those who have additional training have wider job opportunities.

• You can also opt for a number of career options like:

- Cartographer: These are the persons who are specialized in making maps, charts, globes and models of earth.

- Surveyor: The technique or science of measuring the position, distance and the angles of earthly surface is known as surveying.

- Drafter: Drafters associate closely with engineers and architectures, as their work involves planning, housing and development projects in terms of their location and utilization of space.

- GIS Specialist: GIS specialist collects, orders and does research on the data collected by the GIS.

- Remote Sensing Specialist: Studies of quickly changing phenomena such as floods, draught and forest fires, etc.
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  • RE: Job prospects in Geography -Ravi Ahuja (06/08/18)
  • Candidates who are interested in lectureship or research or want to become a scientist can appear for UGC NET examination. after the exam the candidates will given a certificate through which candidates can apply for the assistant professor in any university or colleges.
    The UGC NET is a national level exam conducted twice a year.
    For more details you can visit the official website or Eduncle Blogs will be helpfull to know about the career scope, eligibility, syllabus and future prospects for geography.
    All the best!!