Job prospects in Industrial Engineering

What are my job prospects in Industrial Engineering?

-Industrial engineers can get a job in almost all the fields.
-You can be self-employed as consultants or specialists after gaining some work experience.
-You can also join private firms, R&D companies or as a technical sales manager.
-As an industrial engineer you can work with all types of engineering and manufacturing industries.
-The areas which cover this field are:

* Work study
* Material Management
* Network Models
* Computer Science
* Financial Management
* Statistical Quality Control

-Those having higher qualifications and good amount of work experience can fill In top positions in the industrial field with an attractive compensation
-Most of the opportunities are provided by the private sector.
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  • RE: Job prospects in Industrial Engineering -Priyanshu jain (11/26/15)
  • hello, I am pursuing from Industrial and Production. I wanted to specialize myself in robotics field. Are there any further options open to me, such that i need not to change my branch and still i can go for robotics and other related field ?