Job prospects in the field of Disaster Management

What are the job prospects in the field of Disaster Management?

• Civil servants, civil engineers, police and defense personnel, paramilitary personnel, fire fighters and other protective service workers on their training period will undergo training and workshops on disaster management which would be very helpful for them.

• India is a disaster prone country and hence the need for this field is high.

• Employment opportunities are offered in the disaster management departments of government agencies such as
- fire departments,
- drought management departments,
- law enforcement authorities,
- relief agencies
- Insurance companies,
- Industries in the high-risk fields like chemicals, mining, and petroleum which have their own disaster management cells.

• Engineering professionals in the field of disaster management can design buildings that help resist disasters.

• You can also start your own consultancy after graduating.

• NGOs and International organizations such as World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB), United Nations Organisations (UNO), Red Cross, UNESCO offer various opportunities for professionally trained disaster management professionals.

• They are recruited for conducting training and workshops on disaster management to the general public and for other related activities.
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