Job prospects in the field of Public Relations

What are the job opportunities in the field of PR?

Self employment or working for a public relations agency are typical opportunities in public relations. All the major organisations of any manner such as, PR and other consultancies, hire PR executives. Service industries such as advertising and related services, educational services, communication firms, financial institutions, and government agencies all employ PR executives/officers. There are various titles for public relations that are used by different organisations, including press relations, corporate communication, and marketing or customer relations. These titles are not an accurate measure of the work done in PR, but all of them do cover in part, the role of public relations. With the expansion of emergence of the industry there is a expansion of PR opportunities. The need for good public relations in an increasingly competitive business environment would spur demand for public relations specialists.

PRO or Public Relation Officers can find employment in the corporate sector, public sector, government agencies, tourist agencies, hotels, banks and other financial institutions, private consultancy firms, etc. in recent times it is seen that they are able to find work with individuals like political figures, models and film stars who want their pictures, profiles ad interviews published in magazine and also in front of the general public.
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