Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice?

Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice?


Family is considered to be the most essential part of a person's life. Every individual is taught about the importance of a family since their childhood days.

There are two types of family systems – joint family and nuclear family systems. Joint family is a type of extended family, which consists of parents, their children, spouses of the children and their offspring in one household. A nuclear family is composed of parents and their children.

Which one would you prefer?

Joint Family

1. Dependency – As discussed, a joint family is an extended family and it consists of a lot of members. People can depend on each other for any kind of help. Thus, this is one of the best quality that a joint family possess.

2. Unity – Joint family creates an emotional bond between two generations and it helps to keep the family united in all the situations. The tradition and culture is passed on to the coming generations so that they can take it forward. The proverb “United we stand, Divided we fall”, goes true in the joint family system.

3. Preference of the youngsters – There are youngsters out there in the society, who prefer a social life with a better support system. These people believe in the system of joint family.

4. Provides an opportunity for leisure time – The joint family system provides an opportunity for leisure time as the female members divide the household work and finish it off very soon.

5. Social insurance – Joint family acts as a social insurance and a support for the widows and the old aged people. They are assured of a proper living.

Nuclear family

1. More freedom – Nuclear families have more freedom as compared to a joint family system. They do not have to worry about what the other members of the household may think. They can roam around freely and come back at any time without being answerable to anyone. Democracy exists in a nuclear family.

2. Bonding – Nuclear family is based upon the parental love and sibling connection. The mechanism of relationships in a nuclear family is very straight forward. It is based on the foundation of mutual respect and love for each other.

3. Kid's preference – Youngsters of a nuclear family prefer more freedom and less restrictions. As both the parents go to work, kids may feel bored at home. They may prefer to go out and play with their friends or to go out for an outing. To carry out such activities, less restriction is essential.

4. Quarrels – Nuclear families face fewer quarrels when compared to a joint family. Usually, they are the small quarrels between a husband and wife or a child and the parents.


Both the joint and nuclear families have their own pros and cons. India is a country which is known for its cultural diversity and thus, joint family system is still prevalent in many parts of the country.

But with the increase in urbanization, nuclear families are taking over the joint family systems. When compared to joint family, nuclear families many a times feel better. They provide a peace and calm environment at home as there are very few quarrels. Every individual after coming from work requires a peaceful atmosphere at home. As they say - “small family, happy family.”
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  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -Jidesh VV (02/01/18)
  • I think joint family is better because children who don't have sblings can paly with cousins and the parents don't need to worry about what the parents are doing.
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -Jidesh VV (02/01/18)
  • I think joint familes are better because children who don't have siblings have many cousins to pay with and is fun to live with our parents grandparents.
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -Nikhil Kashyap and Kashyap (09/18/17)
  • I think drawing family is better than nuclear family. Because I know how the life he is in nuclear family I am also from nuclear family .
    In nuclear family when you you get bored and tired no one has time to spend upon you this is 21st century and this this time everyone has any special work everyone is running after money. And the parents also have no time to to guide their children or child that's why the more 4 members be in a family the more the the child will be guided and told the new things and he will get many options to ask or solve his problem.
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -ajay (07/14/17)
  • According to my opinion nuclear family is a batter than
    Joint family bcoz in nuclear family there are very less quarrels and home atmosphere are calm and peaceful
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -garvit jain (07/07/17)
  • i think that that the joint family is the best option . bcoz in joint family members can help each other.male members can help other male members. female members can divide works.
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -Sushil Bishnoi (05/16/17)
  • I like joint family because i also support joint family .joint family member support to each other. Joint family is a very strong family then nuclear family. Joint family member all members are people divided by work and then save time. So i like joint family ..
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -manoj choubisa (04/18/17)
  • i think joint family life is good and enjoy full life. joint family member always happy. but nuclear family life no ESE some family member no time for Gide parents time for children more over i thought joint life is better and beautiful so enjoy family member his life.
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -Pankaj (02/19/17)
  • I think joint family is better than then nuclear family because I am belong to joint family . All members of my family is satisfied for my garand father opinions or decisions.
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -vansh (02/15/17)
  • The nuclear family is best because they don't worry about any member what they may think
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -kalees (02/15/17)
  • join family is very enjoyful one ,
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -himanshu kumar (11/17/16)
  • It is very good website
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -tolulope (11/02/16)
  • I prefer joint FAM

  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -Tastl (10/02/16)
  • I would prefer a joint family only bcoz Im a part of it . Thank you for this article
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -Snehasish man (07/25/16)
  • Gd aftrnoon

    As other said about that topic.i hv also some conclution about this topic.i would like to prefer with joint family

    I'm living with joint family. It's really gratefully feeling to me.In a joint family u can share your enjoyable moments with whole member.if u do something wrong then u hv some people who will say u What is right or wrong with Your work having .in a Nuclear family parents have not enough tym to judge u or what is doing their childrens exactly.

    As a member of a joint family i think i'm living happily nd enjoying my every moments with our whole members.If someone try to attack me then d whole family stand there to protect me as possible they i think joint family is really well more than a nuclear family
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -Sahil khan (07/20/16)
  • Dear friends i would like to tell you. I like joint family. Because the member of the family khow the actual meaning of love. We get love of our elders like as Grand mother, grand father, and parants. Joint family live always happy. I also wonna become the part of this family.
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -ramasubramani (07/15/16)
  • iam interest in nuclear family ,but joined family is joly
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -Clipped_Wings (07/10/16)
  • your points 3 and 4 of joint family are so wrong. at so many levels. preference of youngsters is not a joint family- no one wants to be controlled and dominated, we are also adults and being told to not do this not do that, to have wash utensils and clothes and do work by hand instead of using food processors, washing machines, dish washers, despite having all the machines and letting them eat dust, is not what youngsters want. our generation is more attached to technology than the older generation- so being told to stare out a window and not play with phones or else the phone is going to be confiscated. are you F***ing kidding me? are we not humans? dont we have our freedom? and joint families dont give you physical, mental or emotional space. NEVER.
    next, the third point- leisure time? have you experienced whatit is like?? as a female?? if the elder women so much as get up to check on a veggie, you also have to stand and do some work- no matter how meaningless. bahu ke sukh. that
    in my belief- joint families are regressive. but married women are forced into it.
    this is all my opinion. maany girls find great joy and love in a joint family. yes, i love my joint family, but what wouldnt i give to live as a nuclear family.
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -Dherange priyanka (02/20/16)
  • "Small family-happy family"
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -hande pratiksha (02/20/16)
  • I think joint family is better than the nuclear family because we can live happily in joint family as compared to nuclear family...........................
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -kiran (01/06/16)
  • I prefer JOINT FAMILY, its like gods gift.Everyday is like festival.In small family we can get peace but not happy all the time.
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -Ratiranjan sahoo (10/16/15)
  • I think joint family is bater because their everybodys are supporting to you or any kind of fastival you can enjoying all with them.joint familys are always stay happy.
    or i also want to be happy thats why i like joint family.
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -Alina (09/21/15)
  • I think nuclear family is better..because here you have your freedom..husband and wife also get plenty of time together...husband is also able to see how much effort his wife takes for the family..even the interference of inlaws is also not can take decisions about you and your child with mutual consent of your partner more interference is there
    .nuclear family also helps us to become independent..we can visit or spend time with in laws on weekends..When people are far then their worth is known and relations are also maintained...
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -Soumen Maity (06/12/15)
  • Good evening everyone,
    On this matter I want to say that we all know unity is strength. In case of joint family if all members are cooperative, compromising then it is way more better than a nuclear family, because in a joint family we always get our own people by our side when we go through bad times. But the truth is this is a very rare case. If we look through our past then we can see that maximum family was joint family. But now the numbers is very low. Because the internal problems of a family.

    In a joint family if one or more members became selfish or uncompromising then it is too hard to keep a joint family. Then often quarrel happen on the basis of various issues then its is best to be a member of nuclear family. After all everyone needs peace.

    So as for conclusion I want to say that if members are cooperative and compromising then joint family is the best option. But if not it is better to be a part of a nuclear family
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -Deepa Kaushik (06/10/15)
  • Joint family has an upper hand over nuclear family provided the members of the family know the actual meaning of the terms love, care, affection, sense of oneness, etc. the term joint family comes to play when the relation daughter-in-law gets attached to the family. And a true joint family is the one who treat their daughter-in-law as daughter and vice-versa. A bond could be wellknit only if both the ends have compatible surfaces.

    A joint family gives a closeness amongst the relations. People don't have a lonely feeling and there is always a support at the backend at times of need. The culture of creche and day-boarding for the children, the tinytots could be abolished in a joint family culture. People get to know the human values. A family which could be runwith the elderly experience and youth in action. This combination achieves success in majority of the situations.

    A nuclear familyis not all to blamed. It has become the requirement of the era. People need to get shifted to earn their bread and butter. Buteveryone from the family going to different direction makes the joint family culture impossible. the children need to get adjusted to the boarding or the mother need to sacrifice her career to take care of their children. The nuclear family gives privacy to the couples and they get enough time to spend together to strengthen their relationship.

    There are families who force the joint family culture to the members. A family should blossom and every member of the family should have a feeling of being at home. If any one member doesn't have the homely feeling being at the home, the true essence of the joint family gets ceased there itself. Even if the members force themselves to the joint family culture, then it would be no more than a punishment for the one who is forced to reside into the unit. This would only create trouble and stress to the members which is not an exampleof a healthy family.

    To be precise, joint and nuclear family both are equally good, as far as the members of the family stay happily and feel homely.
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -siyamore (06/10/15)
  • Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family is a topic carrying varied views of different individuals. As a coin has two sides similarly both has their own pros and cons. Actually these pros and cons are nothing but the behavior, comfort and suitability of individuals in the family type. Hence, there are different views. Nuclear family generally provides for more freedom and privacy compared to joint one but if the joint family is educated and there exists a bond of friendship and oneness among the members then there are great chances for individual privacy and freedom. There are cases where there exist callous and disruptive quarrels among couples of nuclear family. What matters lot is understanding and respect for family members. A person living in joint family definitely professes the qualities like team spirit, helping, caring, loving, cooperation, respect etc. Members of joint family support one other in times of crisis. Children of joint families never feel alone and are nurtured with love, care and morale of elders. The responsibilities are shared and hence the stress. Now a days where inflation is rising, lifestyle has changed to stress, and crimes ( with children, ladies and old aged people )are rising, Morales are declining, Nuclear families are a best option. Moreover there is a constant watch on children of joint families which lower down the chances of children to indulge into wrong practices. But, in the fast changing world the importance of joint families has dwindled compared to nuclear families. The only reason is the privacy factor. But it is the individual's adaptability which makes a family best.
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -Joint Family (06/09/15)
  • My suggestion was not going back to the old system, but find a synthesis between the two, which can offer a better solution. This is a very sensitive and complex topic and there are bound to be divergent opinions.
  • RE: Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice? -PRIYA JOSHI (06/09/15)
  • Good evening everyone

    Either its Joint family or Nuclear Family everyone has their positive as well as negative part. In nuclear family you don't have to work according to others. You are your own boss. There are no boundations, you are free to live your life according to you. In joint family you have to work according to the family's situation, according to your elders or you can say you have to put each step very carefully so that your act should not hurt the sentiments of any other family members.
    But apart from all these I will go in favor of joint family because in joint family you have support of your loved ones at your bad time. If something went wrong with us our elders are there to support, guide and help. Today whatsoever we are in society, its because of them. If they hadn't scarifies their dreams to educate us and make us a good and successful human, we wouldn't be able to live a standard life today.
    There is no doubt that generation gap has totally changed our mindset but again listening to our elders is not a that much deal for us because if we consider ourselves that much mature and intelligent, we must have the capability to convince them too if any of their point doesn't matches with your views.