Kaiser-e-Hind: A Rare Butterfly That Is Seen Once Again

Kaiser-e-Hind: A Rare Butterfly That Is Seen Once Again

Scientists have discovered a rare butterfly in the Lower Subansiri district located in Arunachal Pradesh. Butterfly enthusiasts and experts alike cheered the news of the discovery. The Kaiser-e-Hind or Teinoplaspus imperialis was actually photographed by Dr. Tage Kanno. He spied the butterfly during a 2 day butterfly Meet at Ziro. The meet had been organised by Ngunu Ziro from August 23rd, 2014.

"This species of butterfly has been photographed in Vietnam and Thailand but no live image has ever been photographed in India," Kanno was quoted as saying by noted media dailies. What is unique in this case is that a live specimen has been photographed for the first time in India. Previous photographs of the butterfly obtained from Sikkim and Manipur were not of live specimens.

What is also marvellous about Tanno's photograph is that this is the first such proof of the existence of this rare specimen in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. An expert Jyoti Gogoi has indicated that this is a historic event for nature lovers in India.

The Kaiser-e-Hind species was once common in Cherrapaunji nearly 60 years ago and it was not seen so far due to destruction of its natural habitat and export of this specimen of butterflies having thus rendered it near extinction in India. He further added that the Kaiser-e-Hind was also common in Manipur nearly a 100 years back.

Ngunun Ziro is a community based organisation that is oriented towards ensuring sustainable development in this area. It has been working towards promoting eco-tourism and responsible tourism in Ziro at Arunachal Pradesh.

The organisation is deeply interested in promoting environmental awareness. One of the initiatives to do so was the 2 day butterfly meet which was held on August 23 and 24 this year.

Arunachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful states in India. It has over 200 species of rare and exotic butterflies. Around 20 new species have been discovered in this state over the past 10 years. Nthese include Tigerbrown, Grey Admiral, Bhutan Glory and White Owl.

Many of these rare species of butterflies ave been discovered in the state's Eaglenest Bird Sanctuary in the East Kameng district. In recent years, new species of fish have also been found in this North Eastern state.

Ngunun Ziro is headed by chairman Hibu Tatu who asserted the need to create environmental awareness and promote deep bonds of love for flora and fauna. Well known photographer and expert Arif Siddiqui has also indicated that many unique species of global butterflies are found in Arunachal Pradesh. All the more reason to preserve them and prevent the destruction of their natural habitat. Arunachal Pradesh is one of the 8 biodiversity spots in the world with over 82% forest cover. One hopes that it retains its spot in the top 8.
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