KENEXA - Technical Placement Paper Questions

KENEXA - Technical Placement Paper Questions

1. The basics of OOPS are

a) Abstraction
b) Inheritance
c) Encapsulation
d) Polymorphism
e) All of above

2. How are Contents of assembly file investigated?

A. By using ILDASM.exe
B. By using ILDASM.dll
C. By using
D. By using ILDASM.aspx

3. Which of the following statements stands true in respect to Managed Code?

A. It is compiled by the JIT compilers.
B. It the resource where Garbage is collected.
C. Target the services of the CLR.
D. Runs on top of Windows.
E. Runs on top of Linux.

4. .NET Framework contains the components

A. Windows Applications
B. Windows Services
D. Framework Class Library

5. Garbage Collector job is
A. Managing memory leaks
B. Releasing memory on the stack
C. Managing database collections
D. Closing unclosed files
E. Releasing memory taken by unreferenced objects

6. JIT or jitter is for
A. For compiling CIL into machine-specific-code.
B. Cache the compiled results
C. Compile code into CIL.
D. All of the above.
E. None of the above.

7. The ways of caching in ASP.NET
1) Output Caching
2) Fragment Caching
3) Data Caching
4) All of the above

8. Authentication techniques in ASP.NET:
a) Windows Authentication
b) Forms Authentication
c) Passport
d) All of the above

9. Select name
From instructor
where department name = ’Chemistry’
order by name;

By default, the order by clause lists items in ______ order.

a) Any
b) Descending
c) Same
d) Ascending

10. Which clause functions for listing the attributes required in the result of a query.

a) Where
b) Select
c) From
d) Distinct

11. Select ________ dept_name
from instructor;

Choose that is the right one for presenting the unique values of the column ?

a) All
b) From
c) Distinct
d) Name

12. Select the utilities used for compiling managed assemblies into none other than but processor-specific native code?

A. gacutil
B. ngen
C. sn
D. ildasm
E. dumpbin

13. Select the assemblies saved in Global Assembly Cache?

A. Private Assemblies
B. Friend Assemblies
C. Shared Assemblies
D. Public Assemblies

14. .NET Framework provides

A. PIN Security
B. Role Based Security
C. Code Access Security
D. Authentication Security
E. Biorhythm Security
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