Kerala Tourism Muziris Heritage Project: Objectives and Highlights

Kerala Tourism Muziris Heritage Project: Objectives and Highlights

Question: The Kerala Tourism Muziris Heritage Project recently won the 2015 Pacific Asia Travel Association Award in the Heritage and Culture category. Discuss the project highlights and objectives in this context.

- Kerala Tourism’s Muziris Project has recently won the 2015 Pacific Asia Travel Association award in the Heritage and Culture category

- Award was conferred on the project for its conservational features, uniqueness and positive impact for the local community

- It also focused on project objective for restoring the historical and cultural significance of this ancient town stretching along North Paravur in Ernakulam to Thrissur’s Kodungalloor.

- This is the flagship project of the state

- It is one of the leading and largest heritage conservation projects of modern India

- This project forms part of the heritage circuit between North Parur and Kodungalloor in Kerala.

- An ancient port town in Kerala, Muziris is fuelled with history and culture with remnants of glory available in features such as place names, architecture, diet and more

- Muzuris has the following cultural hotspots:

- Azhikode where Christianity first entered India,

- Cheraman mosque, which gave out the first Muslim call for prayers,

- Bharani festival at the Kodungalloor Bhagavathy temple,

- Original culture of the Jewish synagogue

- Palium palace and to the old waterways

Project Highlights

- This is the biggest heritage conservation project in the country and the first Green project of Kerala government

- There is involvement of multiple government departments and convergence

- Around 25 museums form a network for conserving the Muziris heritage

- A research and academic institution is also in place for supporting this project

- It has brought about infrastructure development and also mobilised livelihood opportunities for local community members

Project Objectives

- Promote awareness and understanding of the cultural distinctiveness and diversity of Muziris

- Conserve cultural assets and safeguard them for the present and future generations

- Practice and promote sustainable development

- Promote participative approach towards conservation and restoration

- Ensure accessibility for all

- Inclusion of heritage of Muziris in regional educational programmes

- Integration and heritage management for mutual synergy

Facts and Stats

Muziris Project

- It includes four panchayats in Ernakulam district namely Chennamangalam, Chittatukara, Vadakekkara, Pallippuram, and three panchayats in Thrissur district namely Eriyad, Mathilakam and Sreenarayanapuram.

- This project conserves and showcases culture of 3000 years/more for posterity

PATA Award

- This is an annual award sponsored by the Macau Government Tourism Office

- It is given in recognition of attainments of 25 separate organisations and individuals

- PATA is a membership association working to promote travel and tourism within Asia Pacific
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