Kindergarten Teacher Career Objective and Career Summary

Career Objective and Career Summary for Kindergarten Teacher

Career Objective:

Seeking the post of “Kindergardten Teacher” in your institution, where I can advocate potential time in caring the tiny tots with affection and teaching them with the basic utilities for the primary school with a dedicated approach and contributing towards the growth of the reputation of the institution.

Career Summary:

- B.Ed., NTT, with 3 year experience as the Kindergarten teacher.
- Knowledge of the basic requirements for teaching and monitoring the kids at the Kindergarten..
- Excellent communication and teaching skills.
- Ability to monitor the kids for their grasping aptitude and activity level.
- Capable of preparing the tiny tots to approach the primary school with utmost confidence.
- Proven ability to guide the children with the basic ethics, manners and hygiene requirements.
- Honoured for being the ‘Most patient teacher’.
- Experience of identifying any growth abnormality in the kids with respect to their activity or behaviour and informing the parents for the same to go ahead with the medical attention.
- Ability to teach discipline and imparting the feeling of patriotism in children
- Maintaining records and registers of the students, congenial relationship with the co-staff and teachers in the institute.
- Patient, loving and affectionate towards children, while working with professionalism.
- Punctual, hard-working with eagerness to learn along with teaching.
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  • Kindergarten Teacher Career Objective and Career Summary -Teena Bhatia (06/25/14)
  • Career Objective:

    To secure a Kindergarten Teacher position where my keen skills of understanding children’s behavior and psychology can result in perfect learning environment for children.

    Career Summary:

    • 3 years work experience in the field of Kindergarten education after completion of Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education
    • Extensive experience in planning the activities for enhancing the all round development of young children.
    • Experience in tackling the various moods of children and molding their behavior to adopt the learning process easily.
    • Proficient in crating the unit plans, learning sessions, and assessments in the most creative and interesting way.
    • Putting the regular inputs in making the curriculum program better and flexible for children.
    • Skillful in preparing the quick analytic children reports and submitting the same to the school authorities.
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills required to handle the different queries and problems of parents during the Parents Teachers Meet.