Lab Technician career objective and career summary

Lab Technician career objective and career summary


Looking to secure the role of a Senior Laboratory Technician in RTY Hospital Ltd. The role should harness the laboratory experience and augment knowledge in microbiology and analytical chemistry providing sufficient opportunity for growth


- A Bsc in Microbiology from Maulaza Azad Medical College with over 3 years of experience as a lab technician in DFG Hospital
- Hands on experience in laboratory testing, documentation and sample preparation
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills with an ability to all members of staff
- Strong organizational skills, ability to multi task and manage work under pressure
- Highly enthusiastic and keen to learn
- Performing data entry into the data base system of the laboratory as well as creating reports
- Responsible for preparation of samples as well as quality control specimens
- Utilized analytical thinking skills in identifying problems in doctor’s orders and also overseeing the laboratory sample flow to different departments
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  • Lab Technician career objective and career summary -Teena Bhatia (06/30/14)
  • Career Objective:

    To secure mid level position in a medical lab that would entrust me with using my experience and expertise of lab accessioning, processing and distributing laboratory samples.

    Career Summary:

    • 3 years experience of working as a lab technician after completion of B.S. degree in Biology.
    • Proficient in conducting all the major laboratory tests and procedures with due care and giving attention to the minute detail.
    • In-depth knowledge of chemical solutions, reagents and preparation of specimens for microscopic examination.
    • Expertise in collecting the samples for further process of experiment and testing the details.
    • Experience of completing the work as per the defined lab protocols, standards, rules and methodologies.
    • Maintenance of the lab area and ensuring the safety of area to avoid any unseen accidents.