LED: Benefits and Changing Energy Usage Patterns in India

LED: Benefits and Changing Energy Usage Patterns in India

Question: Science has the potential to solve all of mankind’s problems. Discuss the benefits of LED bulbs and how they are changing the patterns of energy usage in India


- LED bulbs are slowly making inroads into Indian society

- They save money on power bill and are critical for energy conservation

- 77 crore incandescent bulbs were sold in 2013-2014 which if replaced by LEDs will result in reduction of 20,000 MW load and energy savings of around 100 billion kWh(kilowatt hour)

- Total savings in electricity bills would amount to around INR 40,000 crore per annum considering average tariff of INR 4 per kWh

- Average reduction of energy bills of consumers is around INR 160 to 400 per year for LED

- 3.5 crore lights in the nation with load of 3400 MW can be reduced to 1400 MW through replacement of conventional bulbs with LED based street lights

- This could yield a saving of 9000 million units on an annual basis to municipalities saving around INR 5500 crore

Changing Energy Usage Patterns

- LED based home and street lighting programme was launched in January this year

- Plan envisages coverage of 100 cities by March next year and balance by March 2019

- The plan targets 77 crore ordinary bulbs and 3.5 crore conventional street lights

Close to 100 cities have been covered under the following programmes:

- Street Lighting Programme

- Domestic Lighting Programme

- Action plan has been drawn following deliberations by stakeholders to cut energy savings to 10 percent by 2018 from the current 6% thereby doubling energy savings from 60 billion kWH in 2014 to 122 billion kWh in 2018

- LED bulb has been defined as “Prakash Path-way to light” by PM Modi

- Scheme for LED bulb distribution is part of the National Programme for LED based Home and Street Lighting

- 186 cities have been enrolled in DELP programme; GoI plans to distribute 15 crore LEDs by March 2016

- EESL/Energy Efficiency Services Limited,a JV of PSUs of power ministry has been designated as implementing agency for DELP and Street Lights

- EESL has implemented 92,000 street light retrofit projects in Vizag according to some estimates

- An end to the monopoly of power distribution companies by segregating the carriage (distribution sector/network) from the content (electricity supply business) in the power sector by introducing multiple supply licensees to enhance competitiveness and efficiency is on the way

Facts and Stats

- Power generation in 2015 was the highest in 20 years

- This means 8.4% coal production growth most in 23 years and solar capacity increased by 42%

- Recently, the lowest ever power deficit in Indian history was recorded totalling 3.6% highest ever power capacity addition

- Maximum increase in transmission Line and highest ever coal production by Coal India about 22,00 circuit kms in addition to substation capacity 66,554 and 32 MT respectively

- 5 fold increase in renewable energy capacity to 175,000 MW by 2022 is on the cards

- Domestic industry can manufacture 3.2 crore LED bulbs each month and street light production totals 2 lakhs per month for major players
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