LEDs over CFLs and incandescent bulbs- Reasons

LEDs over CFLs and incandescent bulbs- reasons

Question:-LED bulbs are supposed to be environmental friendly. Examine the reasons as to why are LEDs preferred over CFLs and incandescent bulbs. Also mention the environmental benefits of LEDs.

- LEDs are known to produce light by running an arc of electrical current between two electrodes which is the reason for them being more efficient than CFLs and traditional incandescent bulbs. They use semi conductors to emit light.

- Generation of light on heating of tungsten filaments in halogen/incandescent bulbs and removal of mercury gas by electricity in CFL bulbs is an inefficient method compared to the LED method.

Advantages of LED bulbs-

- They use less power per unit of light and have a longer lifetime since they are solid and have no filament. Due to lesser use of power they result in lower greenhouse emission.

- Being less sensitive to low temperatures and humidity, LEDs turn on instantly.

- They have a higher output with less loss of heat and are less expensive.

- Unlike CFLs, LEDs contain no mercury or other metals like lead and cadmium which causes lesser contamination in the environment. Thus they are more of an environment friendly option.

- All these advantages ensure a low carbon footprint and a reduced greenhouse gas emissions. This has made various state governments recognize the plus points of LEDs and has launched initiatives like :-

- National program for LED streetlights and home lights.

- Replacement of conventional lights with LEDS by Vishakhapatnam Corporation.

- Domestic Efficient Lighting Program (DELP) to provide LEDs at cheaper rates


- India can save up to USD 7 billion, around Rs 43,750 crore annually by replacing incandescent lamps with energy efficient LED bulbs.

- LED has a greater lifespan of 50,000 hrs than incandescent lamps, 1200 hours and CFL 8000 hours.

- In Delhi, LED bulbs will be provided to all domestic consumers at an initial payment of Rs. 10 each and recovery of Rs. 10 each for 12 months from their electricity bill.

- Prime Minister Narendra Modi has described the LED bulb as a “Prakash Path”

– “way to light,” during the launch of a scheme for LED bulb distribution under domestic efficient lighting program in Delhi.
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