List of good mechatronics institutes abroad.

Is it a good option to do further studies from a foreign university? Can you please name few good colleges that I can apply in?

It is true that India has the best of engineering colleges but it is good to pursue your higher education abroad. It gives you global exposure as well as gives you an extra edge in the job market. Going abroad and pursuing further studies is a very good option in recent times as there is a definite need for classroom diversity and also it increases your placement prospects and research opportunities. The education system in foreign universities enables students to explore career avenues while gaining a thorough knowledge in the particular field.
The most important thing is the availability of all the facilities in terms of equipment and methods of learning. The exposure and opportunities that you get are much better and varied as compared to India. Here is a list of top 10 universities that give an option for further studies in the field of mechatronics engineering.
- Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
- Stanford University
- University of Cambridge
- Imperial College London
- University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley)
- Harvard University
- National University of Singapore (NUS)
- University of Tokyo
- Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
- University of Michigan
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