Loosing should not be your option

Loosing should not be your option

There are many times when people are continuously attached with something. They keep on moving with the old ties and the old products even if they are not good for them. The burden is carried ahead without analyzing the pros and cons. But it is the right way? Should these entire burdens be carried? Should loosing not be your option?


• It should not be an option for the obese people but a requirement because if they carry on their weight they will become victim of the diseases.
• Losing should not be an option in the stock market when there are other so many things giving healthy returns.
• There comes a time when leaving a job is no more option but a requirement as it is unable to deliver the job satisfaction to the person.
• Why to keep option when they are the alternatives that make the people weaker and lead to the disappointments.
• Employees and the other workers cannot be given more freedom and flexibility as it will adversely impact the productivity.
• Children cannot be given too much freedom to use the technology as it can have a negative impact on mind and health.


• Accept it or reject it, loosing had to be the option as it is a part of life, and every person has to face it some or other point of time.
• It is necessary to free the mind from the old conventional ideas and practices, and if it is not kept the option then life will become miserable.
• The people with average weight can keep the exercise as their second option as they really don’t need it.
• If there will be no losing option then it will also close the winning options.
• Loosing is always an option because it is then when people come to know about the real happiness of success and victories.


Options with people are always there. It is more of deciding which way to follow in the long run of life. Loosing can be an option it means the freedom from the old thoughts, practices and actions, and it cannot be the option when it suggests running away from the responsibilities or allowing the dependents to follow the wrong path.
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  • RE: Loosing should not be your option -Deepa Kaushik (06/18/14)
  • The word “lose” may reflect negativity, but the negative terminals have prime importance in life. The sweet doesn’t taste good unless we have the sense of bitter. Loosing also has some good values attached to it. It gives a firm mind-set for the people who can carry on with the life easily despite failures.

    Failures are the pillars of success. One need to know how to utilize the experience from failures to succeed. So is the loosing part in life. Always holding the things does not give pleasure. Many a times we need to lose to get happiness, satisfaction and a relaxed state of mind. Try losing a game with a child. The smile on the face of that child would be more than any victory in life.

    Lose mainly gives sorrow. But people should understand to overcome their sorrow and proceed with the life. If we move with a rigid mind-set that we won’t have the “lose” as an option, then the failure will yield immense pain and agony. It will be very difficult to forget and move ahead with the life, and we will be in a fix.

    Thus, we should put in our best efforts, but should not expect the results in favour. Let the result come its own way and be prepared to face it courageously.