Love is not a feeling, but business!

Love is not a feeling, but business!

Its valentine week that starts from rose day followed by proposal day. Teddy bear day, hug day, kiss day and ends at Valentine’s Day. There is a craze of shopping different form of love products from the market. Everyone irrespective of age or marital status loves to be in the idea of love. However, from past few years, the feelings have taken form of materialistic things. If you love, you shop, and if you don’t shop, you don’t even know the spelling of love. So, do you agree with the statement, Love is not a feeling, but business!


- Previously, people used to buy gifts for just one day and that is Valentine day. Now there is entire week starting from Rose Day, followed by Proposal Day, Teddy Bear Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and Valentine’s Day.

- A simple flower given at any day is a symbol of love. Still, a red rose worth Rs. 10 is sold for Rs 50 or more on Rose Day. The merchants make huge money in name of love by selling simple roses.

- As per a research, love enthusiasts spend more than $17 billion on romance related gifts like cards, and jewellery, in the U.S. alone.

- Even the advertisement agencies earn good money by simply selling the concept that love products are promises that make bond stronger.

- Not only love, but all the other emotions like sadness during a loved one’s demise, celebrations of marriage and all others are business.


- Love can never be a business. It is mere false pretension of love that is used by the various industries to sell their products.

- There is difference between love and infatuation, and so it would be more apt to say that infatuation in today’s world is a big business.

- Every emotion needs to be expressed in some or other way. The market of such products doesn’t make love a business.

- True love comes from sacrifices, patience and caring for each other feelings, which can never be bought from market. So, the very idea of love being a business is false.


A candle light dinner at high-end restaurant, customized chocolates, and destination holiday packages, after all what are these? Will you call them expressing love, showing off or business of love? Going by simple concept of economics, where there is demand, there is supply. So, are people converting feeling of love into business? Well, it is a high-time; people should look around and get a reality check. It is ok to express love, but making it a business is not justified.
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  • RE: Love is not a feeling, but business! -K.KAMALI (03/09/15)
  • love is one of the's express many ways but it living only two soul. i love my country very much. so everyone love our country
  • RE: Love is not a feeling, but business! -M.MUTHU (03/09/15)
  • world best relationship is friendship.this is one of the feelings of do you say? love is a, it's true feelings.
  • RE: Love is not a feeling, but business! -Ruchir Joshi (02/18/15)
  • Can't an emotion be the cornerstone of a business? Isn't business of selling products which make us live a more comfortable life simply cashing on our daily emotions? A simple cheeseburger can really give us extra feeling of joy even when it's not consumed only as a source of satisfying our hunger. So, as much as love is an emotion, as it is the only incentive for a person to use those business outlets in the first place, it is also helpful for several businesses.
    On the other hand, the whole idea of blindly choosing a gift for your partner on a certain pre-defined universal date, without a hint of personal creativity or thinking put into it is kind of sad.
  • RE: Love is not a feeling, but business! -shraddha (02/18/15)
  • I think it totaly depends on we going to express our feeling...for making more special to our beloved one so we buy presents,gifts or any love products..
  • RE: Love is not a feeling, but business! -Deepa Kaushik (02/12/15)
  • Love is not a business, it is definitely a feeling. People try to make business out of everything. This is a fast marketing era and people try their best to make money out of every possibility. This is the era when common man even try to mould the impossible to possible and achieve a monetary gain out of it. Love is a trap to such people and not a product that could be sold for a meagre amount.

    True love never demands money or anything which could be measured with the wealth. People do try to express their feelings as per their wish with some things that they have bought. Those things and their value varies with the affordability of the person. But if anyone who could not afford to buy things doesn’t imply that he is emotionless or lacks love and affection. True affection gets portrayed with the gestures, mannerism and behaviour. It doesn’t require the money or products to be bought.

    Business has nothing to do with emotions. The trade is often emotionless. The speed of marketing has achieved the peak and emotions have lost their value. but that does not mean that love is lost from the world or it is been out for sale. Emotions will remain precious and priceless and have an eternal charm in any era.