Lure of Space - Attraction of the Unknown

Lure of Space – Attraction of the Unknown

Space exploration is an ever interesting field of science as it has infinite packets of secrets churned up into its mist. The more we try to get closer to a sequence of information, the more we get inquisitive with plenty varied vivid things coming upfront to be explored. This is the most innovative field that attracts and captivates the human mind into its vicious circle. The wide scope of exploration in the space and technology attracts a lot many participants and students to join this branch and contribute their intelligence. The space science doesn’t deal with a single branch of experts, but that demands the expertise in physics, aeronautics, engineers, space explorers etc. Space exploration demands the corroborative efforts from all the fields to put in their best efforts for an effective outcome.

Meaning of the Phrase

“Lure of Space – Attraction of the Unknown” is a very apt title. The space science is definitely lucrative which could provide immense name and fame for the person who succeeds in his experiments. Majority of the things and happenings of the space are still unexplored, hence it is unknown. This unknown, unexplored thing attracts the inventors. The lure of space is not only for the pride for self and prestige of the nation, but that also has the ability to answer many unanswered questions regarding the Universe. There is also the possibility of the space explorations helping out in the resolution of many major concerns of the human beings.

Space Exploration – Infinite Scope

Space exploration definitely has infinite scope to study, perform hypothesis, conduct experimentations, and draw rational inferences that could potentially help the life forms on earth. Who knows, the Space might also show up more living forms which could be primitive to earth.

All we know today to the maximum extent that we have many galaxies. We have not even explored our galaxy Milkyway to its full extent. Our solar system with Sun as our nearest star is the most explored as of now. And we cannot confidently commit that we know everything about our Solar System even now. We are continuously trying to research our neighbouring planets and their natural satellites. We have sent many artificial satellites. Some of our firsts in space exploration are as follows:

- August 21, 1957 – First intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) - R-7 Semyorka - USSR

- October 4, 1957 - First artificial satellite, First signals from space – Sputnik 1 - USSR

- November 3, 1957 - First animal in orbit (dog Laika) – Sputnik 2 - USSR

- February 17, 1959 - First weather satellite - Vanguard 2-NASA (NRL)1 – US

- August 7, 1959 - First photograph of Earth from orbit - Explorer 6-NASA – US

- September 14, 1959 - First impact into another celestial body (Moon) – Luna 2 – USSR

- April 12, 1961 - First human spaceflight (Yuri Gagarin), First orbital flight of a manned vehicle – Vostok 1 – USSR

- June 16, 1963 - First woman in space (Valentina Tereshkova), First civilian in space – Vostok 6 – USSR

- July 20, 1969 - first man to step on the Lunar surface Neil Armstrong

- 1971 - First space station - SALYUT1

Existence of life beyond Earth

Life beyond earth had been the curiosity of the human kind since ages. We have been into this exploration for a very long time now, still we have not found any concrete evidence for the same. Though we suspect some form of life form in Mars, still the matters remain uncertain regarding its practical existence. As far as our solar system is concerned, we have only found some vague circumstantial evidences of life expectancy in Mars. Though all the other planets have a surface, but only Earth has the gravitational force which is most probably due to the Iron content in the Earth’s core which has a magnetic effect. Also the presence of water is special to the earth. The combination of the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere which we combinedly call as biosphere has made the existence and survival of life form possible on earth.

We cannot over-look the possibility of similar planet in any other solar system in some other galaxy. Life beyond earth would be equally interesting to know and understand. The living forms may not be necessarily equally civilised as on the earth. The more scientific inventions in the field of technology, we can have better space vehicles to withstand the travel till the unexplored unknown zones of the space.

UFOs – Reality or Myth

UFOs are Unidentified Flying Objects seen on earth at various places. These are still under the discussion whether they a reality or just an illusion. These flying vehicles have been very different from those seen on earth and this has given a ray of scope to search for other living forms present anywhere on the space. The UFOs are always seen from several miles distance and hard to be decided regarding their shape and form. Even the living forms haven’t been seen from those space vehicles or the UFOs. Thus, it is a mere assumption of the human mind to have some life form which has created such a space vehicle for the exploration as we human beings on earth.

Utility of Space Exploration

Space Exploration has helped us in improving our lives in many ways. The more we know regarding the space and the happenings, the better we can forecast and foresee things. Many natural calamities could be fought efficiently by getting a fair idea for the same prior to the attack. Not only the natural calamities, but we can also have a wide range of other uses with the space exploration. Who knows, we can have some more advanced treatment forms for the ingredients found anywhere in space. A few fields where we are using the Space related studies are:

• Weather Forecast

• Telephone calls especially the mobile phone network signalling– STD and ISD

• Radioactive frequency used for FM radio signals

• TV channels – transmission and broadcasting,

• Marine industry – used for steering the boat using global positioning system

Every country is find its way ahead in the field of space exploration. To earn the pride and enjoy the benefits of better living and future, majority of the countries across the world are pumping in a lot of money towards this science. The world is greedy for power and pride, and nobody would like to lose such an attractive field for exploration. Days are not far of when we will be enjoying much more benefits through space exploration.


It is an appreciable note that we are doing the best to make a happy settlement for the living forms on earth. And our inquisitiveness is leading us far beyond the limit of imaginations to a world of unknown. But we do need to take care of the environmental hazards that is created during every space experimentation. The fuels that we use for combustion and the pollution index need to be checked simultaneously. We should not make the living creatures on earth to perish in our search for the life forms in space. Nevertheless, this innovative field has the potential to deliver us with immense pleasure and comforting life.
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