M S Dhoni should be replaced by Virat Kohli as the test captain?

M S Dhoni should be replaced by Virat Kohli as the test captain?

M S Dhoni is receiving flak on account of team India’s dismal performance overseas. He failed to write script in his favor and has not been able to post a single win in the last tours of New Zealand and South Africa. The fate of all last four overseas series is same. The lackluster show is haunting Indian Team and nothing seems to be helping to change such a devastating track record on foreign soil. Naturally, the captain has to take the blame of such abysmal show.

The critics are out with knife and clamor for captain’s head. They are the same people who relentlessly showered praises on Dhoni’s ability to keep his nerve under control and get the matches from the jaws of loss, who are now leveling his captaincy as obnoxious. Anecdotally, test record on foreign soil under Dhoni’s captaincy has been poor. Out of 23 test overseas, he won only 5 while losing 11 and getting 11 drawn. Many say that he is guilty of taking conservative approach at the time when aggression is required.

Replacing Dhoni as Test captain can be a good move as that would mitigate the huge burden of marshalling troops in all versions. He should be allowed to continue leading team in ODI and T20 as his captaincy is commendable in these formats.

We should also take into account that the captain is not the only factor for perpetual losses. Test matches are won by taking 20 wickets. Our bowlers have proved to be spineless in this area. In this backdrop, entrusting captaincy on Virat Kohli, the brightest young star of Indian Cricket, is not the best bet. He would also find uphill task to change India’s fate and that can take huge beating on his batting as well.

Dhoni is known to extract results with meager bowling resources and he has shown it many times. He is a well tested and tried captain, he should be given more rope for next two toughest tours of Australia and England.
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  • RE: M S Dhoni should be replaced by Virat Kohli as the test captain? -Deepa Kaushik (04/21/14)
  • Captaincy is meant to keep up the team as a single unit and handling them in a way to march unitedly towards victory. M S Dhoni has undoubtedly done well in his career towards the start of the captaincy. But we cannot deny the fact that the team is not even nearing a good defeat, just forget for winning a match.

    The recent matches are going against Dhoni’s captaincy as the heavy burden of the failure is always loaded on the captain. It is true to some extent that he is getting exhausted as a captain, and this is a good time to get aside in a respectable manner.

    The victory in an international match is the prestige for the nation. Despite looking towards Dhoni as an individual, if we consider the famed of our nation, it is certainly the better option to look out for the better person to control the captaincy.

    Talking of Virat Kohli, it is again his performance in recent tests which has suggested his name. but we should not forget that it is not easy to perform along with the burden of captaincy. Placing Virat Kohli as a captain should not affect his performance as a batsman, as this would instead prove to be a loss for us.
  • RE: M S Dhoni should be replaced by Virat Kohli as the test captain? -Rahul thakre (02/26/14)
  • peoples always salute for shinning sun.....if dhoni cant proved himself then responsibility should given to most deserved one.At the moment Virat is in good touch and if he can endure this responsibility then we would get most eligible future caption.