Mahindra Satyam verbal ability questions and answers

Hi All,

Mahindra Satyam has been visiting our campus for placements since last 3 years. So, we had a fair idea about the type of questions to expect. Total 250 students appeared out of which they chose 20 students at last.

The questions in English were on topics like paragraph reading, sentence completion, articles, verbs, spotting errors, idioms and phrases etc.

Some of the questions I remember are:

Substitute with one word:

A large dark grey cloud that brings rains or snow:
a.) Nimbus a.) Hail c.) Blizzard d.) Fog

A person who doesn't believe in existence of God:
a.) Theist
b.) Heretic
c.) Fanatic
d.) Atheist

a.) unnecessary b.) distinct c.) separate d.) rare

a.) simple b.) plain c.) clear d.) unsophisticated

When I heard his knock (1), I went to the door (2)/ and opened it (3)/ but I was not recognise him (4)/ No error (5)

Prepare well guys. I hope these questions help.
All the best.
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