MANAS (The Maulana Azad National Academy For Skills) Established

MANAS (The Maulana Azad National Academy For Skills) Established

The Indian government is setting up a skill development academy at the national level for members from the minority communities. The decision to announce this academy was announced by Minority Affairs Minister Najma Heptullah. The academy is being named MANAS or the Maulana Azad National Academy for Skills. The headquarters of this academy will be situated in Delhi, the minister also announced, while she was inaugurating the Annual Conference of the SCAs or State Channelising Agencies from the National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation.

"This academy will serve as a specialised vehicle to implement skill development and upgradation programme for the minority communities, being undertaken," Heptullah was quoted as having said. "It is an ambitious project focusing at providing skills training or upgradation of skill in those sectors of economy in which there is shortage or demand is likely to emerge in future, so that they can find gainful employment or self-employment opportunities," she added.

The NDMFC will also work towards providing concessional credit flow to those persons who have undergone skills training or want to establish or expand their own business. An MoU or memorandum of understanding was also signed between MANAS and the National Skill Development Corporation for the establishment of an extensive All India Collaborative Network for the academy.

This national academy will train persons in areas where demand for services will be high in the present economic conditions to boost employment chances in the future. The minister also remarked that it will serve as a specialised vehicle for the skill development and upgradation programmes for minorities in various ministries of the Centre as well as state government, according to media reports.

With the Modi government stressing on the need of skill development of the youth to cope with the challenge of unemployment, initiatives like these are intended to act as a bridge between demand for skilled and specialised services as well as concessional credit to boost job growth and job creation.

"The academy will network with various national and international agencies for certification, placement and funding for the programme," a statement released to the media said. India is known for its demographic dividend but unemployment still remains a common problem here.

Members of the minority communities need to be able to acquire the skills they require to survive in an economically competitive world. With new initiatives for members of the minority communities being set up, skill development will ensure a brighter future for many Indians in the days to come.
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