Mankind should end war before war ends mankind

Mankind should end war before war ends mankind


Since the stone ages, man has been fighting amongst his kind for several reasons, ranging from supremacy to wealth, to greed, to jealousy. With time, the kinds of horrors that man has unleashed have reached huge proportions. Things hit a severe low during World War II, which saw the worst kind of battles. With the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, humanity decided that it had had enough. With this thought, the United Nations (UN) was formed, to establish peace and harmony among the countries of the world.

The movement

Today, many countries are a part of the UN. Apart from the UN, there are other organizations that work towards abolishing war. The World Peace Council, International Peace Bureau, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Children’s Peace Pavilion, to name a few. The presence of so many pro-peace anti-war organizations proves that we are committed to the cause of peace and harmony. Several countries are signing peace treaties and economic co-operation treaties with each other.

However, it is a fact that every coin has two sides. War is beneficial for some, therefore, they continue to encourage dissent. Some countries continue to create chemical and bio-hazardous weapons.

Incidents like the Chernobyl factory accident in 1986, which caused several deaths, and long term effects, like deformed births, and greater incidents of cancer, which still persist. Anti- nuclear organizations have since been protesting against nuclear weapons, or testing the nuclear weapons.

According to scientists, a nuclear war, or even a nuclear accident can have severe consequences on the human population. Apart from causing immediate deaths, it can also have a hazardous impact on the environment, thereby affecting millions of lives the world over.

While we have organizations that are working hard to bring about peace on earth, it is important that charity begins at home. We must all try in our own small, simple ways to retain peace around us. Let us try volunteering for any organization or group that works towards making the earth a better place.


We have to find a solution to the unrest that plagues the world. With the advancement of technology, there are more and more diabolic methods of causing harm to humanity. We must end war, and all forms of it, if we need to protect ourselves, and our ecosystem, and our future generations. As the old Red Indian saying goes, ‘the world is not what we inherit from our ancestors; it is what we borrow from our descendants’.
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  • RE: Mankind should end war before war ends mankind -Deepa Kaushik (05/10/14)
  • Mankind has made the world a war ground. All the war is created by the ego and greed of the mankind. In order to claim themselves to be superior, man has started insulting and looking down upon other persons. The war that has started to meet the silly ego of the person, has spread like a forest fire now.

    We are in great need to end war now, otherwise in no time the war will end mankind. We have created many weapons and destructive explosives to show our power to the world. We are least bothered to know the impact of these explosives. Every weapon so designed can cause a massive devastation, ending lives of many innocent civilians.

    Even if we forget to change our attitude towards life and maintain harmony, then the warfare will definitely break out finishing this world completely. Mankind should recognize the necessity of harmony in the world to make it a place for better living.
  • Mankind should end war before war ends mankind -Usha Iyengar (03/27/14)
  • Mankind should end war before war ends mankind.

    The world is already filled with a lot of strife. War is defined as a conflict between to large groups of population, which involves physical force, violence and the use of weapons. Recenty we have seen strife in Crimea, Sudan, wars in Libya and closer home, militant groups like the Al-Qaeda. Some version of what we see unfolding more specifically in the Crimean Peninsula, has occurred before. Indeed, today’s headlines recall countless events and bring to mind long-ago read chapters in history books.

    The Dark Ages weren't a period in medieval Europe - we're living them now; the times where humanity is facing the biggest problems it has ever faced and still won't bury the hatchet.

    These groups have tried to use war as a means to achieve political end, sadly sometimes in the name of religion. No religion has ever talked of war, bombings and attack as a means to achieve any sensible order. Modern militancy is varied and complex. They all look at short term narrow gains for their groups. These groups are misguided and want to capture power to spread their influence. It is about taking advantage of the oppressed and marginalized people, manipulating their minds and getting them into such organized war fare.

    The Government and peace policies should try to understand such devious minds, and what they wish to achieve as a part of this war and engage such bodies in discussions and negotiation for the larger good of the nation. Our social systems have to be more engaged and stronger to be able to take care of everyone’s needs with self-generating economy. Man needs to end war, to save the future generations of disastrous results.

    With vast improvement in technology the fallout can be manifold, with very extreme negative effects. Our approach to these problems has to be different. Hatred has to stop. Armed intervention as a first step before dialogue has stop. Closed attitudes and rigid thinking has to go. The thinking that wars can achieve any objective has to end. War signifies the end- and is destruction. Are we ready to let this beautiful world go and die?

    We have to start by consciously thinking of dialogue and solution finding as a means to a better world. There is enough critical mass to believe that only peace will lead us to happiness. War is not something that happens to us. It is something that we choose to do, of our own free will. It is our prime most responsibility towards us and our future generations to ensure that this world will be free of all future wars. We need to learn to communicate the language of love and balance. War is an unnecessary evil