Manufactures and IC Designations

Match the following pairs:

Manufacturers IC Designations
A. Texas Instruments -------------- 1. CA 3741
B. Signetics -------------- 2. SN52741
C. RCA -------------- 3. LM741
D. National Semiconductor -------------- 4. N5741

a. A1 , B2 , C3 , D4
b. A2 , B3 , C4 , D1
c. A3 , B4 , C2 , D1
d. A2 , B4 , C1 , D3

Correct Answer : d. A2 , B4 , C1 , D3

Explanation :

Corresponding to the manufacturers own productivity of ICs, they also go for the production of one another's renowned ICs. Thus, manufacturers generally holds the original type number in their own IC designation. For an instance, Op-amp 741 is originally developed by Fairchild but it also gets manufactured by different number of manufacturers under the category of their own designations. The pairs mentioned in the question clarifies this conceptual notion in the form of an illustration where the manufactures & their associated IC designations are mentioned.
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