Marine Engineering course details and personal qualities required.

What are the course details of marine engineering and what are the personal skills that I need to nurture to be successful in this field?

The main aspect in Marine engineering is to deal with the training that leads to careers in ship repair and ship operation. In this particular course students opting for it are equipped with knowledge of fairly high standards in fundamental engineering sciences, specialised knowledge of theoretical and practical marine engineering. The candidates are also given a basic knowledge of social knowledge of social sciences and humanities. In addition to this, the course permits the trainees to gain the competencies prescribed by the Standards of Training, Certification and watch keeping for sea-farers.

There are various personal attributes that you should possess in order to become a marine engineer. Good English language proficiency and physical fitness is very critical and is a must. You should have excellent technical knowledge, mathematics and IT skills. You should possess an aptitude to be calm under pressure and should know how to manage intense situation. You should have current knowledge about various developments that are happening in this field. Keeping your knowledge up to date is a must as this profession requires a candidate to be on track with the latest developments. Patience is a key in the field of marine engineering as you are required to work with big equipments and engines, and sometimes it can be frustrating. Moreover you should have an appetite to travel and especially to travel in the sea.
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